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Competent CAT:

Cultural Awareness Training

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Carbal Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research (CIHR)

Cultural Awareness Training for Businesses & Organisations

Carbal Competent CAT helps your organisation to begin to develop cultural competencies through information and education of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander journey, building skills and confidence to benefit your organisation and the wider community.

By sharing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander journey we can enable your staff to provide a truly culturally safe, informed and inclusive service.

CAT can be delivered as a face-to-face program or as an online eLearning course.

Face-to-face sessions are fully catered for and held at Carbal Medical Services’ training centre in Toowoomba.

Carbal CAT Course Subjects:

Course Subjects - History | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Subjects - Culture | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Subjects - Health Education | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training

Health Education

Course Subjects - Social & Emotional Wellbeing | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Course Subjects - Communication | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Fees:

CAT can be delivered as a face-to-face program or as an online eLearning course.

Face-to-Face Course Delivery Fee
Online eLearning Course Delivery Fee

Competent CAT examines cultural norms and discusses the importance of creating a culturally safe and inclusive work environment.

Course Presenters:

Carbal CAT is delivered by a team of community-based providers led by Kalkadoon and Nunukul man and internationally renowned artist and scholar in Aboriginal culture, art and history, Uncle Colin Jones.

Team members include Kamilaroi man and Community Outreach Manager, Charlie Rowe and Mandandanji woman and Clinic Manager, Tamika Campbell.

Uncle Colin Jones
Charlie Rowe
Tamika Campbell

Participant Testimonials

“Very informative and interactive training session. Very engaging and great learning experience. Guest speakers were amazing, such a moving day. I leave today with a far greater respect for the ATSI culture. Thanks for such an informative day!”

“I have benefited in the way of understanding a person’s connection to the land, how family system works, and because of this, I am able to implement more appropriate care to my patients.”

“This was one of the most fulfilling and educational sessions I have ever attended. I am inspired by the resilience of the Aboriginal people. Uncle Colin, you are amazing!”

“This has been a fascinating day, I could listen to all the speakers all day every day. They were so interesting, I loved hearing all their stories.”

“I would certainly recommend Carbal's cultural training course to all health workers!”

I have been in Australia for the past 12 years, I have been to many trainings; this training was the most valuable training I have attended. The training could have been longer, I could have sat here for days thank you so much. Ka mihi o te mea nui te kaupapa Tu meke Tino Pai

"Loved the training. Loved listening to Uncle Colin and Charlie Rowe. Powerpoints were spot on. Great content. Beautiful artwork, great atmosphere. Thanks for the lovely afternoon tea."

"The training was powerful, shifting understanding to further support First Nations. Australia has a black history, through understanding, connection, there is hope"

Interested in Cultural
Awareness Training?

Are you interested in booking you or your team into a Carbal CAT session?

For all bookings and registration enquiries, please phone Carbal’s Education and Marketing Coordinator on 0436 852 078 during 8:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday to Friday or submit an online enquiry now.

Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training