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Carbal Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research (CIHR)

Cultural Awareness Training for Businesses, Organisations & Individuals

Carbal Competent CAT helps you and your organisation to begin to develop cultural competencies through information and education of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander journey, building skills and confidence to benefit your organisation and the wider community.

By sharing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander journey we can enable you and your staff to provide a truly culturally safe, informed and inclusive service.

Course Overview

The importance of cultural awareness is growing with time.

Cultural awareness means understanding the dynamic values and beliefs of different cultures.

For better opportunities, understanding and respecting various cultures are necessary. By doing so, people from different backgrounds can work together quickly. Lack of cultural awareness may mislead crucial decisions and impact health outcomes.

Most often Cultural Awareness Training is delivered face-to-face, however to broaden the scope of delivery and be accessible to you right now, in the right location, at the right time; this online dynamic education package has been developed.

Although it is a one-on-one experience, the course is interactive with quizzes, reflections and videos and has the added benefit of having the opportunity to work at your own pace.

Who Can Enrol?

Carbal’s Competent CAT is specifically designed for any individual or organisations wishing to become more culturally competent.    

This course meets all State and Commonwealth contract requirements to comply with staff ascertaining and undertaking cultural awareness training.

Course Duration

Carbal CAT is a 9-hour learning package. 

The entire course is required to be completed within 3 months of enrolling.

Course Topics

Course Subjects - History | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Subjects - Culture | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Subjects - Health Education | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training

Health Education

Course Subjects - Social & Emotional Wellbeing | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training

Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Course Subjects - Communication | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Fees

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Face-to-Face Courses

At various times, Carbal can facilitate in-person, face-to-face course workshops within the Darling Downs region.

In partnership with organisations, these sessions are available with a minimum of 15 (maximum of 25) participants. 

Contact Carbal’s Education and Marketing Coordinator at [email protected] to discuss availability.

Face-to-Face Workshops | Carbal Competent CAT - Cultural Awareness Training for Organisations, Businesses & Individuals

Course Presenters

Carbal CAT is delivered by a team of Indigenous providers led by Kalkadoon and Nunukul man and internationally renowned artist and scholar in Aboriginal culture, art and history, Uncle Colin Jones.

Team members include Kamilaroi man and General Manager – Health Outreach Support Services, Charlie Rowe and Wiradjuri woman and Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Kristy Purnell.

Uncle Colin Jones
Charlie Rowe
Kristy Purnell

Participant Testimonials

"Very informative education.

I have a far greater respect for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture."


This education has given me a new lens and will impact the way I deliver my services to my clients."

"Loved the online education! It allowed me to have training at my office desk."

“This was one of the most fulfilling and educational sessions I have ever attended. I am inspired by the resilience of the Aboriginal people. Uncle Colin, you are amazing!”

"A fantastic way to ‘Close the Gap’, providing comprehensive education on the most important topic of all."

"This aligned with every strategy in our Reconciliation Action Plan. Incredible!"

"Having this online course available to staff is our opportunity to make a difference."

"I have benefited in the way of understanding a persons connection to the land, how family system works, and because of this, I am able to implement more appropriate care to my patients."

"The training was powerful, shifting understanding to further support First Nations. Australia has a black history, through understanding, connection, there is hope."

"This has been the most valuable training I have ever completed."

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Interested in Cultural
Awareness Training?

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