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Carbal’s Educational
Training Programs & Courses

Carbal Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research (CIHR)

Our training courses have been developed by the Carbal Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research with the objective of delivering culturally-appropriate and relevant education to health and clinical support professionals in Queensland.

Many of our education packages are accredited with RACGP and ACRRM for General Practitioners to achieve their respective CPD points. Through our education and promotion efforts, we aim to promote effective stakeholder and community engagement for the advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing by advancing cultural competency in service providers in our region.

Our ever-expanding suite of educational content that can be delivered via three main pathway options:

  • Independently as a service-to-client provider;
  • Sponsorship (eg, Primary Health Network PHN sponsorship or National Best Practice Unit);
  • Under contract with Registered Training Organisations.

Our education delivery has also expanded to provide online learning via our MoodleCloud learning platform ‘Carbal at Home.

Our online learning was developed with the intent to increase flexibility for participants, without sacrificing interactivity that is critical for in-depth learning as per the RACGP and ACRRM criteria.


Cultural Awareness Training for Clinical Professionals

Carbal Clinical CAT

Carbal Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) is a six session course that provides health professionals with the practical tools to deliver culturally competent services.


Cultural Awareness Training for Organisations

Carbal Competent CAT

Carbal Competent CAT helps organisations to develop cultural competencies through information and education of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander journey.


Mental Health Skills Training

Deadly MHST

Carbal's Marlu Youth Program is a three month course designed to provide tools for young men to become the best versions of themselves.


Focused Psychological Strategies

Deadly FPS - Interpersonal Therapy

FPS refers to specific mental healthcare treatments based on evidence-based psychological therapies, with this program focusing on interpersonal therapy (IPT).


Carbal Business Basics

Business Basics Online

Carbal Business Basics is an online short course that has been specifically developed to support NDIS workers who are transitioning to contract work.


Chronic Disease Prevention Through Culture

CPD Through Culture Training

This 6 week program is designed for the self-facilitation of classroom learning on Chronic Disease Prevention (CDP) through the lens of First Australian culture.


Tackling Indigenous Smoking Online

Carbal TIS Online Course

Social & Emotional Wellbeing Training

Social & Emotional Wellbeing Training