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Carbal Medical Services | Excellence in Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Health
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Home Care Nursing Services

Carbal @ Home

Carbal @ Home is an innovative new service allowing Carbal’s qualified nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers to deliver comprehensive, culturally-appropriate home care nursing services to clients within the comfort of their own homes across the Toowoomba region.

This approach recognises the importance of cultural connection, respect, and dignity in delivering effective healthcare to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. By eliminating the need to travel to medical facilities, Carbal @ Home helps to overcome potential barriers to accessing healthcare, such as transportation issues or cultural unfamiliarity with clinical settings.

In-Home Nursing

All of our in-home nursing services operate in collaboration with our General Practice clinics, Allied Health Professionals, and community outreach programs, fostering a cohesive and comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Carbal @ Home - Homecare Nursing Toowoomba | Carbal Medical Services

Carbal @ Home provides the following
in-home care services:

  • Medication administration and reviews
  • Wound care
  • Urine analysis
  • Mobility and medical support
  • iAssistance with My Aged Care applications
  • Preventative health support and referrals
  • Personal and domestic support can be provided to those who are registered for a My Aged Care package
  • wCounselling

    You can learn all about Carbal’s counselling services here:


    To be eligible for Carbal @ Home’s services, you must meet one of the following two criteria:

    • You identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander;


    • You are non-Indigenous but are a current and active* client of Carbal Medical Services.
    *Active client = you must have attended a consultation with Carbal within 12 months.


    Carbal @ Home is fully-funded by Carbal Medical Services and as such there is no fee incurred from clients who are eligible to register for our services.

    Carbal @ Home - Homecare Nursing Toowoomba | Carbal Medical Services


    To ensure that enhanced health outcomes are achieved, Carbal @ Home relies on the collaboration between primary health care providers and therefore referrals are only accepted from:

    • Carbal General Practice clinics;
    • Carbal’s Integrated Team Care (ITC) program;
    • Toowoomba Hospital.

    Meet the Team

    Natasha Frelek - Program Coordinator & Aboriginal Health Worker

    Natasha Frelek

    Program Coordinator
    & Aboriginal Health Worker

    Bill Gorringe - Aboriginal Support Worker

    Bill Gorringe

    Aboriginal Support Worker

    Christine Moller - Support Worker

    Christine Moller

    Support Worker

    Girlie Donovan - Registered Nurse

    Girlie Donovan

    Registered Nurse

    Sam Elzanati - Counsellor (ACA)

    Sam Elzanati

    Counsellor (ACA)

    Carbal @ Home

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How long will each visit take?

    Depending on the service required it ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    What are your operation hours?

    Carbal @ Home’s services operate during 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday.

    Are services available on the weekend?


    Can individuals who are not currently Carbal clients use Carbal @ Home's services?



    Is this service only for individuals who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?

    As long as you are an current client of Carbal Medical Services, you will be eligible to use this service.

    Is the service free?


    We are pleased to confirm that Carbal @ Home’s services are provided free of charge to eligible patients.

    How is the service funded?

    Carbal is committed to meeting the health needs of the community and as such the establishment of the service was funded through self-generated sources.

    Will I require a referral to access Carbal @ Home's services?

    Yes, a referral is required. This can be acquired from either a General Practitioner, via Carbal’s Integrated Team Care (ITC) program or from Toowoomba Hospital.

    Will I receive confirmation of each appointment prior to the scheduled time?

    Yes – our dedicated nurse or program representative will reach out to you either the day before, or on the day of your appointment, to provide a reminder.

    ⚠️ Elder Abuse Phone Line

    Carbal will never tolerate any abusive behaviour from clients or guests.

    The Elder Abuse Helpline (1300 651 192) is a free call phone number that responds to callers seeking information and advice on elder abuse.

    Elder abuse phone lines are not crisis support services, and operating hours and services vary across states and territories.

    If you need immediate assistance in an emergency or life threatening situation, always dial triple zero (000).

    Contact Carbal @ Home

    If you would like any further information relating to Carbal @ Home, please contact our Program Coordinator on the number below during office hours or submit an online enquiry now.

    Contact Us - Carbal @ Home

    Carbal @ Home


    18-24 Charnley Street

    Kearneys Spring QLD 4350


    Opening Hours:

    Mon-Fri: 8:30AM – 4:30PM



    (07) 4633 9500

    Carbal @ Home | 18-24 Charnley Street, Kearneys Spring
    Carbal @ Home

    Submit a General Enquiry

    Do you have an enquiry related to Carbal @ Home?

    Please submit your message and a team member from the Carbal @ Home team will be in touch to discuss further with you.

    Please note: If your enquiry relates to an appointment or booking, please phone the office directly.