Carbal Business Basics

Carbal Business Basics
Online Educational Course

Carbal Business Basics is a short online course that has been specifically developed to support workers who are transitioning to contract work and becoming a sole trader.

Through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Carbal utilises contractors to meet the needs of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander patients.

Course Overview

Carbal’s Business Basics is a 5 hour online course that provides the fundamental considerations of being a sole trader. 

The course was developed specifically to cover the overall necessities on how to set yourself up for success as an NDIS contractor, however can be accessed by anyone establishing a business as a sole trader seeking financial independence.

Business Basics aims to empower workers to become independent sole traders who are capable of managing and running their important health support services to wider community.

Who Can Enrol?

Carbal’s Business Basics is available to any worker seeking to become informed, educated and knowledgeable about the key aspects of becoming a sole trader.

Course Duration

Business Basics is a 5 hour online learning package. 

The entire course is required to be completed within 3 months of enrolling.

Course Topics

Setting Up A Business

Setting Up A Business

Accounting & Record-Keeping

Accounting & Record-Keeping

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

Insurance & Risk

Insurance & Risk

Work / Life Balance | Carbal Business Basics

Work / Life Balance

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