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Harmony Hub

Carbal's Harmony Hub | Supporting Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Mob - with Tamika Campbell

Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) is the heartbeat of our Aboriginal communities, and its significance goes far beyond words – it’s the very essence of our collective spirit.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Social and Emotional Wellbeing isn’t just important; it’s a lifeline that connects us to our heritage, our land, and each other.

Carbal's Harmony Hub | Supporting Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Mob - with Charlie Rowe

The signs indicating you may need support for healthier social and emotional well-being can vary from person to person.

They may include feelings of being overwhelmed, angry, sad, isolated, disconnected from family, experiencing discrimination, or struggling with cultural identity.

If you find yourself nodding your head to any of these, remember that you’re not alone.

Carbal's Harmony Hub | Supporting Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Mob - with Tamika Campbell

Did you know that our social and emotional wellbeing serves as the lifeline connecting us to our heritage, land, and one another?

Carbal is here to strengthen this important connection for you. Our new Harmony Hub page has been designed to support you on your journey to enhancing your social and emotional wellbeing.

Explore our programs, services, valuable resources, and a supportive community dedicated to your overall well-being.

Carbal's Harmony Hub | Supporting Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Mob - with Charlie Rowe

Social and emotional wellbeing is the source of resilience that allows us to heal from historical traumas, maintain our unique cultural practices, and nurture the bonds that tie us to our ancestral roots and each other.

Reach out to us today by visiting Carbal’s Harmony Hub online to get started on your journey towards wellbeing.


General Advertisements

General Video Advertisement 2019

Carbal Medical Service’s 30-second advertisement showcasing our Toowoomba clinic at 125 Russell Street.

General Video Advertisement 2017

Carbal Medical Service’s 30-second advertisement from 2017, providing a brief overview of our clinical services.

General Video Advertisement 2016

Carbal’s 30-second advertisement from 2016, primarily shot at our old Toowoomba clinic at 104 Mary Street.

Tackling Indigenous Smoking 2019

A 30-second television advertisement that comprised part of Carbal’s 2019 TIS campaign.

Cervical Screening Tests 2019

This 55-second video was part of Carbal’s 2019 campaign to raise awareness of cervical screening examinations amongst Mob.  

Toowoomba Vaccine Clinic 2021

A 30-second television advertisement announcing the opening of Carbal’s Toowoomba Vaccine Clinic; offering COVID-19 vaccinations to the public.

'Making a Difference' - Carbal ITC Program

This brief video produced by the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN in 2019 helps provide an overview of Carbal’s role in the partnership in delivering the Integrated Team Care (ITC) program across our region.

Carbal TIS - Workplace Quit Smoking Toolkit 2021

Carbal TIS have developed the ‘I Want To Quit’ toolkit containing all the resources to help your workplace support the team in their journey towards quitting.

National Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week 2020 - 'In This Together'

Carbal’s Charlie Rowe and Uncle Colin spoke at length with Sergeant Tony Rehn of the Crime Prevention Unit, and Police Liaison Officer Tanya Dallinger and shared their personal experiences on what Reconciliation means to them.

Warwick Reconciliation Week Ceremony 2019

Video taken from the ceremony and activities held as part of Reconciliation Week in 2019 in Warwick.