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Carbal Can Tackle Indigenous Smoking

Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Online Educational Course

Carbal’s new TIS Online educational course has been developed for Health Workers, Patients and Mob. The content presented provides opportunity for significant self-reflection to understand the primary underlying motivators for smoking and driving change at an individual-level to increase the overall health of our communities.

Any increase in knowledge and awareness as to the reason why we should make changes in our lives and community around smoking – even if it is the smallest of changes, is of significant benefit.

Course Overview

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking is a seven-module course designed to deliver education in a multi-faceted approach.  

  1. Autonomously: as a Health Worker
  2. Collective ApproachHealth Workers to use whilst with their patient/client. 
  3. Self-Directed: by the patient/client themselves

The topics can be completed in isolation for a more targeted educational approach or combined for a holistic awareness and overall professional development.

Who Can Enrol?

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking online course is available to any health worker or patient seeking support to reduce or quit smoking.

Course Duration

Each module is approximately 40 minutes long.  Users can log in and out as many times as needed to access the different modular content.

Course Topics

The course consists of one core module that everyone completes, with information about smoking, costs, history and statistics and invites interactivity and self-reflection. 

Participants then select the second module that is most relevant to their context or demographic from the following options: 

Course Subjects - Home | Carbal TIS Online


Course Subjects - Culture | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Subjects - Health Education | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Subjects - Social & Emotional Wellbeing | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


Course Subjects - Communication | Carbal CAT - Cultural Awareness Training


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Carbal has developed a range of free online Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) resources for schools, workplaces and health workers.

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TIS Online?

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