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Becoming a Tackling
Indigenous Smoking Promoter

What is TIS?

TIS stands for Tackling Indigenous Smoking. Its purpose is to encourage people who smoke to quit. It is also aimed at preventing people from starting to smoke.

What is a TIS Promoter?

A TIS Promoter is someone who provides resources and education to groups of people to make sure they understand the importance of quitting.

They DO NOT provide health or clinical one-on-one advice; they are simply there to promote non-smoking.

What is Health Promotion?

Health promotion is the sharing of information that assists people in making good life choices. Like, not smoking.

Becoming a Tackling Indigenous Smoking Promoter - Online TIS Resources | Carbal Medical Services

How Do I Promote Smoking Cessation?

First of all, you start the conversation with families, or groups. If an individual wants more information you provide them with resources and refer them on to the clinic for a one-on-one yarn with the Aboriginal Health Worker. If they want to quit, you also refer them to Quitline.

What is Quitline?

Quitline is a nationwide support group that helps people quit smoking.

You can refer to Quiltine by either ringing them with the client OR filling in the online form. The phone number is 13 78 48 OR visit them online at

What Resources Do I Have Available to Me?

Carbal has developed several TIS resources that are available for free to share with your clients and any groups or services that you may come in contact with who need to consider their smoking status.

Let’s look at the resources that Carbal currently has for TIS:

Story Books

Carbal has developed two TIS story books; one that talks about what good and bad smoking are and the other aimed at young mums and the dangers of second-hand smoke.

No Smokes For My Baby

Carbal Story Books

No Smokes For
My Baby

3.65 MB

Good Smoking, Bad Smoking

Carbal Story Books

Good Smoking,
Bad Smoking

11.7 MB

Carbal TIS

‘I Want To Quit’
Carbal’s Workplace
Quit Smoking Toolkit

This is a box full of support materials for organisations who want to help their workers who smoke, to quit. The idea is that one person within an organisation becomes the TIS champion and encourages others in their quit journey.

The toolkit contains stress balls, encouragement sayings, a journal to complete and a handbook. You can provide these corporate boxes to any service or organisation that you come in contact with who have smokers.

Our toolkit is available for FREE to ALL workplaces that are keen to embark on this journey together. Contact Carbal Medical Services today to order your ‘I Want To Quit’ toolkit:

Why Do We Have Merchandise and How Do I Use It?

TIS has lots of merchandise and it has two functions.

One is as a promotional tool, to just make people aware of TIS and its importance.

Number two, is as an incentive. If someone commits to not smoking and two weeks later they haven’t had a smoke, then they deserve a reward. This can be something quite small, like a yo-yo or pack of cards. If they get to 6 weeks without a smoke then they should get something a bit bigger like a t-shirt or towel. We always try and make our merchandise as active as possible so that people are replacing the action of having a smoke with something positive.

What’s the Difference Between Merchandise and Resources?

While merchandise is for promotion and incentive, resources are for education and support. Resources are something you use while merchandise is simply a product that you provide.

Do I Have to do the Presentations?

The short answer is no. We have someone in Carbal who can do these presentations on your behalf. All you need to do is talk to Reece or Tamika, tell them the date and time of your group or visit and they can organise for someone to come and present.

If you do visits to schools already and present to them, it is a good idea to go through the presentation for schools and work out how to present it yourself. They have notes attached and are very simple to follow.


Any event that you go to or organise should now include TIS merchandise or resources. If it is an event that you are not organising, ask the person who is organising it if it is a non-smoking event. If it hasn’t been advertised as a non-smoking event, we have banners that they can use.

What is an Activity Plan?

Each month you are going to be provided with an Activity Plan. It will tell you what the focus is for the month, what activities we would like you to do and what information we want back (so we can do reporting). We want you to return an updated copy of your activity every Friday.

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