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Medical Appointment Accommodation with Subsidised Short & Long-Stay, Toowoomba

Furthering our commitment to ensuring increased access to vital health services, Carbal now offers affordable short and long-term accommodation options.

Carbal Digs provides clean and modern accommodation for patients who are required to travel to Toowoomba to access medical/specialist appointments or hospital services.

Our fully-renovated housing units are located in close proximity to many of Toowoomba’s main healthcare facilities and within just minutes of the CBD.

Carbal Digs:
Medical Appointment Accommodation


To be eligible for Carbal Digs you must:

– Be able to provide evidence of a medical, specialist or hospital appointment.

Whilst Carbal specialises in providing support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, we welcome eligible clients of all backgrounds to our accommodation.

You do not have to be a current client of Carbal Clinics to access this accommodation service.


Each unit has a maximum occupancy of 2 people. 

Housing Options

Depending on need and availability, Carbal offers the following accommodation options:

» 2x short-term housing units for bookings with a 1 – 4 day duration;

» 3x long-term housing units for bookings with up to a 30 day duration.

Each Unit Includes:

  • 1x bedroom with a queen size bed with linen;
  • 1x bedroom with 2 single beds with linen;
  • Fully-equipped kitchenets/kitchens;
  • At least one flat-screen TV;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Assisted disability bars in toilets and bathrooms;
  • A fully-fenced back yard;
  • Private parking for 1 car, per unit.

Fees Per Night:

Get in touch with our team to receive a customised quote tailored to your individual needs and requirements.
Please Note: Carbal requires a $100 refundable deposit before or on arrival. This may be paid cash or via a pre-authorisation on a credit card.
No entry will be granted unless payment has been received.


Carbal accepts subsidies through Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS) and the Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS).

If you have a completed ‘Accommodation Confirmation Form’, we will accept gap payment for the booking.

If you have questions about gap payments or total amounts after subsidies, please get in touch with the Carbal’s ITC team today:

⚠️ Abusive Behaviour Will Not Be Tolerated

Carbal will never tolerate any abusive behaviour from clients or guests.

Any physical or verbal abuse shown between tenants, or towards staff will likely result in the immediate eviction and cancellation of accommodation.

Should any such incidents occur within Carbal’s premises, notification will be provided to the Queensland Government’s Patient Travel Schemes administration and may impact the provision of future services.

Carbal Digs Locations

Upon approval and acceptance of your Accommodation Confirmation Form, guests will be allocated and provided with information on the location of the available accommodation.

All of the accommodation options provided by Carbal Digs are located within close proximity to the Toowoomba CBD and within short walking distances to shopping centres, food outlets and parks.

Toowoomba Base Hospital is a 5-minute drive from all Carbal Digs locations.


Long Street,
Centenary Heights

Long Street, Centenary Heights


An Aboriginal word meaning ‘high hill’.


Ruthven Street,
South Toowoomba

Ruthven Street, South Toowoomba


An Aboriginal word meaning ‘shade from trees’.


Hoey Street,
Kearneys Spring

Hoey Street, Kearneys Spring


An Aboriginal word meaning ‘stay here and rest’.

Carbal Digs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Travel Subsidy Scheme?

The Travel Subsidy Scheme provides financial assistance for patients who are referred to specialist medical services not available at their local public hospital or health facility.

Eligible patients are able to apply for a subsidy to assist with travel and accommodation costs of accessing specialist medical services.

Patients approved for PTSS will receive a subsidy to attend the closest public hospital or health facility where the specialist medical treatment is available. Patients travelling to access private specialist services may be eligible for a subsidy if the service is not available within 50 kilometres of the patient’s closest public hospital or health facility.

What is the Eligibility for Accessing Accommodation Through PTSS or IPTAAS?

As these State Travel Schemes are an external organisation to Carbal Medical Services, we encourage you to contact them directly to discuss eligibility.

How Do You Triage Your Referrals?

Accommodation is booked when enquiries are received and confirmed. 

There will be no holds on accommodation options.

Can I Bring My Pet?

No. All animals are prohibited from staying within the units.

Can I Vape or Smoke in the Units?

No. All visitors are required to adhere to Queensland’s Smoking Laws at all times.


Will Carbal Provide Meals?

No. Meals, personal and self-care items are to be covered by the guest, or their carer.

Can I Bring My Children or Carer?

Yes, however please note there is only one bedroom available and a maximum occupancy of 2 people. 

Do You Have Car Parking?

Yes, each Carbal Digs unit has on-site, off-street parking.

However there is only adequate space for 1 vehicle per unit. Registration must be provided upon arrival and all other vehicles will be towed.

Do I Need to Bring Linen and Towels?

No, Carbal supplies all units with clean linen.

Do You Have Emergency Vacancies?

Unfortunately, no.

However, if you require a date and we are at full occupancy, you can go on a waiting list if any cancellations are received.

Will I be Liable for any Damage Done to the Housing During my Visit?

Yes. Upon checking in, a Carbal staff member will provide you an overview of living standards. Guests will sign and agree to the terms.

Success Stories

"I know it is just an apartment, but Carbal Digs really helped me when I needed it most.

I'll forever be grateful for having such a nice place to stay while I saw the doctors at Toowoomba Base Hospital. It was a home away from home and one less thing to worry about during this time.

Thank you!"


57, Roma
Carbal Digs | PTSS-Subsidised Short & Long-Stay Accommodation Toowoomba

Contact Carbal’s ITC Team

All enquiries related to Carbal Digs can be directed to Carbal’s Integrated Team Care (ITC) team based at Charnley Street, Toowoomba.

If you have a non-urgent general enquiry, you can now get in touch by sending us an online message or phoning during office hours:

Carbal Digs | PTSS-Subsidised Short & Long-Stay Accommodation Toowoomba

Carbal ITC
– Integrated Team Care


18-24 Charnley Street

Kearneys Spring QLD 4350


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30AM – 4:30PM



(07) 4633 9500

Carbal's Integrated Team Care | 18-24 Charnley Street, Kearneys Spring

Online Enquiries

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