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‘Empowering Elders, Enriching Lives’

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Elders, the heartbeat of our community, safeguarding our culture and lighting the path for future generations.

The Carbal Elder Care Support Program provides comprehensive coordination services, nurturing our cherished Elders throughout every step of their aged care journey. Our commitment is to ensure their well-being, honour their cultural legacy, and create a supportive environment where elders thrive.

Carbal’s Elder
Care Support Services

What is Elder Care Support?

Our mission is to assist First Nations Elders, along with their families and caregivers, in accessing aged care services that address both their physical and cultural requirements, ensuring a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to their well-being.

The program promotes:

  • Positive ageing;
  • Wellbeing; and
  • Reablement
Elder Care Support | Carbal Medical Services

How Do We Support Elders?


Yarnin is enriching for the soul. It nurtures connections and enables us to grasp your unique circumstances. Together, we identify areas for improvement, striving to enhance your overall quality of life in terms of:

  • health,
  • connection to country, and
  • community aspects.


By coordinating with various organisations, we streamline access to services, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire aged care journey.


To be eligible for Elder Care Support program, you must be:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent
  • 50 + years of age

Service Location

Carbal’s Elder Support Team; Program Coordinator and Worker work within the Darling Downs area.


This is a federally funded program and as such there is no fees.

Elder Care Support | Carbal Medical Services


Our top priority is supporting and connecting with our elders throughout their aged care journey. We welcome referrals from various sources including:

  • individuals,
  • families,
  • health professionals,
  • hospitals, and
  • community organisations.

No formal referral form is needed.
Simply contact our staff today to arrange your appointment.

Elder Support Care Services

Elder Care Support serves as the bridge connecting you to services that cater to
your aged care journey, encompassing clinical, community, and cultural support.

Explore our primary service areas outlined below.

Support / Assessments

Support / Assessments

We yarn in meaningful conversations to learn your unique story and create a profile that captures your specific needs.

This allows us to provide tailored support and care that aligns with your individual requirements.


My Aged Care Linkages

My Aged Care Linkages

Carbal is a registered MyGov Aged Care agent, ready to provide assistance in registering eligible Elders into the portal and facilitating access to the necessary services.

Coordination of Care

Coordination of Care

Providing holistic support - expertly navigating the intricacies of the healthcare system to ensure a seamless and tailored experience for our Elders.

Referral Pathways

Referral Pathways

Partnerships with community organisations is key to fulfilling the needs of our Elders.

We link and refer to create a network where everyone can access the care they need.



We champion the rights and needs of Elders, ensuring their voices are heard in decision-making processes.

Our commitment lies in empowering Elders to navigate the complexities of the aged care system and access the support they deserve.

Elder Care Support | Carbal Medical Services

About the Logo

The Elder Care Support logo symbolises the interconnectedness of care and community through a circular design.  The brand mark emphasises the unity and visual identity of all aspects involved in the journey of care and support — community, culture, and environment.

  • The U-shaped symbols at the center represent both Elders and caregivers providing support and assistance to navigate the aged care system.
  • Positioned on either side of these figures is the symbol for meeting place, joined by flowing water that represents the connection of different areas across the country that represents how we are all connected from different parts of Country.
  • Below the figures, small dots represent the supportive community, which plays a crucial role in the Elder Care Support program.

Meet the Team

Amanda Anderson - Program Coordinator

Amanda Anderson

Program Coordinator

Bill Gorringe - Aboriginal Support Worker

Bill Gorringe

Aboriginal Support Worker

⚠️ Elder Abuse Phone Line

Carbal will never tolerate any abusive behaviour from clients or guests.

The Elder Abuse Helpline (1300 651 192) is a free call phone number that responds to callers seeking information and advice on elder abuse.

Elder abuse phone lines are not crisis support services, and operating hours and services vary across states and territories.

If you need immediate assistance in an emergency or life threatening situation, always dial triple zero (000).

Contact Carbal Elder Care Support

If you would like any further information relating to Carbal’s Elder Care Support services, please contact our Program Coordinator on the number below during office hours or submit an online enquiry now.

Carbal’s Elder
Care Support Team


18-24 Charnley Street

Kearneys Spring QLD 4350


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30AM – 4:30PM



(07) 4633 9500

Elder Care Support | Carbal Medical Services
Elder Care Support - Logo

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General Enquiry

Do you have an enquiry or want to connect Elder Care Support team?

Please submit your message and our coordinator from the Elder Care Support team will be in touch to discuss further with you.