Health Checks

The first place to start in getting a good handle on your health, is to come and see us for a comprehensive health check


The great thing about Carbal is that we look at your health holistically. We have a diverse team of health professionals and many programs that offer a wide variety of clinical and community based health approaches.


To achieve carbal’s holistic model of health care approach, we work in with a team of amazing allied health professionals and specialists. Referrals are available through your GP.


Participating in research is a core focus for us to invest long term improving the health outcomes from the mob. We currently partner with UQ & QUT.

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Dads, Pops & Uncles
We Want You!

Strong Fathers Strong Families

The Strong Fathers Strong Families program is to promote the role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dads, Pops and Uncles to be healthy role models and engage fully in the child’s life as early as possible.

Carbal Medical Services would like to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males to participate in this program to contribute positively to the health and wellbeing of the mother’s pregnancy and a “nurturing” and supportive family environment for the infant.



Involving men in the lives of their children is crucial for the child’s health and wellbeing, and has a strong intergenerational effect.


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