Have a Look Inside Carbal at Warwick

  • Have a Look Inside Carbal at Warwick

Have a Look Inside Carbal at Warwick

Carbal Aboriginal Medical Service is thrilled to extend its services into the Warwick region via its brand new facility at 91 Grafton Street, Warwick.

Carbal isn’t a stranger to the Warwick community, having provided its award winning service to Indigenous people through the MOB Van, that was situated at Leslie Park since May. Since that time, the service has grown exponentially which necessitated a fully-fledged service that could provide comprehensive medical and health care services to the community. Consequently, Queensland Health invested over $2 Million to get the service up and running.

Dr. Maree Toombs, Chair of Carbal couldn’t be happier with the new facility.

“It’s an amazing facility, but more importantly the work that will be done here will change lives.”

Carbal Aboriginal Medical Centre (Warwick) is now opened and you can reach them on: (07) 46 617 310.

carbalmedicalcentrewarwick from Carbal Aboriginal Medical Centre on Vimeo.

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