But there is good news!
Ear disease can be prevented and treated.


The impact of poor hearing health can be lifelong, with school readiness, communication skills, learning abilities and educational outcomes all being affected.


The Qld Education Departments online ear and hearing health training package for teachers is now live and available online via the link below:


The course is intended to help teachers support the learning outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who experience conductive hearing loss as a result of otitis media.  However, much of the material would be useful to others with an interest in the field as you’ll see from the module titles:

Module 1: Conductive Hearing Loss: Otitis Media (CHL:OM) in context

Module 2: Hearing, hearing loss, and CHL:OM

Module 3: CHL: OM, child development, and learning

Module 4: Supporting listening and learning

Each module allows participants to reflect on their knowledge about hearing, conductive hearing loss: otitis media (CHL:OM), educational implications and strategies to support learners.

Hearing Health Clinics are carried out within our Toowoomba Mary St, Hub and Warwick Clinics, as well as a majority of the schools within our area. We are able to offer Hearing Screenings to adults and children from the age of 3 years and up.

The Hearing Health Screening consists of three parts:

1. Otoscopy
– what your ear looks like.

2. Tympanometry
– tests how good your middle ear function is.

3. Audiometry
– how well you can hear.

Once the Hearing Report is completed, the Screener determines the course of action that will be required.

If the patient has been seen twice and failed their hearing test – the Hearing Screener can refer the patient to Australian Hearing. Alternatively, the Hearing Screener may send a referral back to their regular GP with a recommendation of further investigation (i.e. referral to ENT Specialist).


We endeavour to visit the schools in our area, on a regular basis. Carbal liaises with parents through the schools and gains permission prior to screening.

If students require follow-up from the initial screening, the Hearing Screener will organise a time to go back to the school, or we welcome them to follow-up for another hearing screen at our Clinics. 

It is recommended that if any follow-up services are required, that you visit your Doctor.

If you have any questions or wish to enquire about availability of appointments, please call one of the Clinics on the below numbers.



Toowoomba Clinic, Russell Street: 07 4639 7300

Warwick Clinic, Wood Street: 07 4661 0800


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