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Fact: Most people who smoke want to quit.

Nearly 80% of smokers make at least one attempt to
quit and around half try to quit smoking each year.


Want to quit smoking, but don’t know how to?

Are you concerned about your health and want to quit because it’s affecting you, your health and your families health due to passive smoking?

Can’t keep up playing sports due to your smoking habit?

Can’t keep up in any activities you participate with your jarjums, shortness of breath, coughing and no energy?

Then why not give us a call at Carbal Medical Services and speak to one of our friendly Tackle Indigenous Smoking Coordinators that we have in Toowoomba and Warwick also servicing the Goondiwindi region.

They will put you on the right path to quit smoking, they will provide follow-up support, brief interventions, coach you through the process, motivate and won’t judge you at all because there is no shame in having a go.



Thank you for sharing your story

Congratulations to Robert, who up until engaging with Carbal’s Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program four months ago, had been smoking for 33 years. Robert has now been smoke free for four months after first engaging with Carbal’s TIS program.

Robert stated that he:

  • Now has more money each week
  • Has more energy to do more around the house
  • Food tastes great now that he can smell and taste again and that there are more flavours and new flavours.
  • And that over all, he feels very proud for having quit.

Congratulations on the milestone Robert! Keep up the good work.

Did you know that in September 2016 Queensland made some changes to its Tobacco laws. To ensure that you are fully aware of the new laws and for peace of mind, head to the following web address




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